Kids Hurting Animals

As mental-health and law-enforcement experts well know, cruelty to animals and violence against humans are inextricably linked. Many educators are aware that serial killers and school shooters—including alleged killers Salvador Ramos, Payton Gendron, Nikolas Cruz, and Ethan Crumbley—tend to have a history of cruelty to animals, and Sandy Hook Promise has cruelty to animals on its “10 Critical Warning Signs of Violence” list.

Forty-three percent of perpetrators of schoolyard massacres commit acts of cruelty to animals first. Educators can help prevent future tragedies by including kindness to animals in the curriculum. Amid the current epidemic of youth violence, PETA urges everyone to report every act of cruelty against animals and calls on authorities to take each animal abuse claim seriously—for the sake of the animal victims and to help prevent future harm. Lives may depend on it.

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State Laws

2015 Louisiana Laws
Revised Statutes
TITLE 17–Education
RS 17:282.2–Character education programs

“Character education programs; legislative findings; clearinghouse for information; permissive curriculum; dissemination of information; progress reports; rules and regulations

  1.  The legislature finds and acknowledges that while character development is a parental responsibility, the responsibility also extends to others.  The legislature further finds that character education must be augmented and reinforced by public schools in order to prepare students to be productive, self-sufficient citizens who can ably assume societal responsibilities.
  2.  The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall provide a clearinghouse for information on nonsectarian practices in character education programs within Louisiana and across the nation in order to assist public elementary and secondary schools in improving character education.  Clearinghouse information shall include information about comprehensive character education programs or curricula, which focus on the development of character traits such as honesty, fairness, and respect for self and others.” (Source)

Reported Animal Abuse Cases

May 2023/Alexandria, Louisiana

News.yahoo.com reported on an investigation into the death of Tucker, a 6-pound Chihuahua who was reportedly shot by two juveniles, apparently as part of a high school prank. The teens were reportedly arrested for aggravated cruelty to an animal.

March 2023/Baton Rouge, Louisiana

WAFB.com reported that a horse died on Southern University’s campus after being ridden there by a 17-year-old. Apparently, the horse stepped into a hole and broke a leg while carrying the suspect. The teen then allegedly left the horse on the ground after unsuccessfully trying to get the animal up.

September 2019/Slidell, Louisiana

WBRZ.com reported that two teenagers and an adult faced cruelty-to-animals charges stemming from the discovery of an apparently abandoned dog who had injuries including two gunshot wounds and whose rear legs had seemingly been cut off.

September 2019/New Orleans, Louisiana

WDSU.com reported that a teenager had been charged with cruelty to animals after allegedly shooting and killing a neighbor’s cat with a pellet gun.

October 2018/Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana

WAFB9.com reported that a teenager allegedly shot and killed a calf. The teen was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

May 2018/Baton Rouge, Louisiana

KLFY.com reported that two 16-year-olds were arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and theft after allegedly stealing two horses. According to reports, one horse was left with injuries severe enough to warrant euthanasia. The two juveniles (along with several accomplices) were also accused of stealing and abusing horses in April 2017.

May 2017/Webster Parish, Louisiana

KSLA.com reported that a 17-year-old had been arrested and charged with cruelty to animals in connection with the death of a dog named Sophie, who had been doused in gasoline and sustained burns over 80 percent of her body.

February 2014/Alexandra, Louisiana

USAToday.com reported that a 13-year-old boy was facing cruelty-to-animals charges after he allegedly abused a puppy and posted a video of the act on Facebook. According to reports, the video appeared to show the boy hitting the puppy so hard that the animal yelped, spun, and fell from a bench.