Kids Hurting Animals

PETA keeps an updated list of reported incidents in which young people commit acts of cruelty to animals. These incidents are only the ones that have been reported in the media. The actual number of such abuse cases is likely much higher since many go unreported. This resource is meant to illustrate the prevalence of the problem and to provide educators with tools to help their students learn what it means to have compassion for all sentient beings.

43% of the perpetrators commit acts of cruelty to animals before schoolyard massacres (Source)—it’s time for educators to take action by implementing humane education.

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State Laws

Section 30: Moral education

“Section 30. The president, professors and tutors of the university at Cambridge and of the several colleges, all preceptors and teachers of academies and all other instructors of youth shall exert their best endeavors to impress on the minds of children and youth committed to their care and instruction the principles of piety and justice and a sacred regard for truth, love of their country, humanity and universal benevolence, sobriety, industry and frugality, chastity, moderation and temperance, and those other virtues which are the ornament of human society and the basis upon which a republican constitution is founded; and they shall endeavor to lead their pupils, as their ages and capacities will admit, into a clear understanding of the tendency of the above mentioned virtues to preserve and perfect a republican constitution and secure the blessings of liberty as well as to promote their future happiness, and also to point out to them the evil tendency of the opposite vices.” (Source)

Reported Animal Abuse Cases

August 2019/Blackstone, Massachusetts

Boston25News.com reported that a Blackstone teen faced felony charges for allegedly killing a cat with an arrow.

April 2017/Ludlow, Massachusetts

MassLive.com reported that two Ludlow High School students were facing cruelty-to-animals charges after allegedly mutilating a mouse they had bought at Petco, then posting images on social media. According to reports, the teens claimed that they wanted to dissect the mouse “like in a biology class.”

November 2016/New Bedford, Massachusetts

SouthCoastToday.com reported that two teenagers, ages 15 and 16, had severely injured a squirrel by throwing rocks at him or her in a park. The animal was allegedly seen running from the suspects, bleeding and with an eye injury.