Kids Hurting Animals


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State Laws

Section 1502-E. Character education program.

“The program may include and teach the following basic civil values and character traits: … (2) Respect, including regard for others, tolerance and courtesy. . . . (5) Caring, including kindness, empathy, compassion, consideration, generosity and charity.” (Source)

§ 15-1514. Humane education

“Instruction in humane education shall be given to all pupils up to and including the fourth grade, and need not exceed half an hour each week during the whole school term. No cruel experiment on any living creature shall be permitted in any public school of this Commonwealth.” (Source)

Reported Animal Abuse Cases

March 2023/Cambria County, Pennsylvania

WJACTV.com reported that police were investigating a case involving a juvenile who was allegedly seen in a Snapchat video violently strangling a duck. The video—which news outlets said was too graphic to be shared—apparently ended with an image of a decapitated duck, reportedly believed to be the one shown being strangled.

November 2022/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6abc.com reported that a group of children around the ages of 10 to 13 allegedly attacked a woman who was walking with her baby and her dog by throwing bleach at them, injuring the dog and resulting in what’s expected to be thousands of dollars in veterinary fees. The dog’s guardian reported that the animal was coughing up blood and may have permanent vision loss due to the attack.

April 2022/Sharon, Pennsylvania

WYTV.com reported that a video was circulating that allegedly showed minors torturing and killing a mother cat and her kittens and then mutilating their dead bodies.

March 2022/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Today.com reported that a 12-year-old and a 17-year-old were being charged with “animal fighting” and aggravated cruelty to animals after video apparently surfaced of the pair allegedly unleashing their dogs to attack a cat who was sitting on a porch.

August 2020/New Castle, Pennsylvania

PETA investigated the case of a teen who had recorded himself viciously beating the family cat and uploaded the video to Snapchat.

November 2019/Brookville, Pennsylvania

Independent.co.uk reported that two teenagers were suspected of kicking a buck who’d been shot in the face, tearing off his antlers, and stepping on his throat. A video of this attack was shared online and has since gone viral.

August 2019/Darby, Pennsylvania

6ABC.com reported that a group of children in Darby allegedly beat a neighbor’s cat to death.

August 2019/Erie, Pennsylvania

ErieNewsNow.com reported that three boys allegedly threw a kitten into Lake Erie.

March 2019/Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

CBS Pittsburgh reported that a 15-year-old allegedly shot four bulls on a Westmoreland County farm with a crossbow, killing two. Reportedly, the teen faces charges, along with a man who apparently helped plan the attack.

July 2018/Middletown, Pennsylvania

PressAndJournal.com reported that a 15-year-old had been charged with cruelty to animals for allegedly beating a chick against a fence, resulting in the bird’s death. Two other chicks were found dead in a nearby trash can.

August 2016/Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

FOXNews.com reported that a 17-year-old juvenile and two men ages 20 and 21 had fatally blown up a turtle by strapping two M-80 firecrackers onto the animal’s shell using duct tape and then lighting the fuse.

June 2016/Columbia County, Pennsylvania

WNEP.com reported that five teenage football players had allegedly beaten numerous animals to death with baseball bats—including a snake, a raccoon, frogs, opossums, and pigeons—and subsequently posed with their dead bodies in a photograph later posted on social media. The teenagers were cited for killing the animals.

April 2016/Shamokin, Pennsylvania

WNEP.com reported that two teenagers had been accused of allowing two dogs off leash in order to attack a neighborhood cat, who was apparently mauled to death. The attack was caught on video, and one suspect was reportedly arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, while the search for the other continued.

June 2014/Media, Pennsylvania

6ABC.com reported that an 11-year-old boy had been accused of beating and nearly killing a cat. According to reports, police claimed that the boy hit the 1-year-old cat against a guardrail and tried to throw her into a river. She escaped and was recovering from her injuries.