Kids Hurting Animals

As mental-health and law-enforcement experts well know, cruelty to animals and violence against humans are inextricably linked. Many educators are aware that serial killers and school shooters—including alleged killers Salvador Ramos, Payton Gendron, Nikolas Cruz, and Ethan Crumbley—tend to have a history of cruelty to animals, and Sandy Hook Promise has cruelty to animals on its “10 Critical Warning Signs of Violence” list.

Forty-three percent of perpetrators of schoolyard massacres commit acts of cruelty to animals first. Educators can help prevent future tragedies by including kindness to animals in the curriculum. Amid the current epidemic of youth violence, PETA urges everyone to report every act of cruelty against animals and calls on authorities to take each animal abuse claim seriously—for the sake of the animal victims and to help prevent future harm. Lives may depend on it.

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Rhode Island

State Laws

House Resolution
Endorsing the Implementation of Character Development Education in Rhode Island Public Schools

“The Rhode Island General Assembly recognizes that, in the face of the deteriorating social fabric, parents, schools and other community institutions, working together as partners, must increasingly contribute to the development of good character in the young through both teaching and modeling.” (Source)

Non-Codified Policy
“Social and Emotional Learning and development of SEL standards was included as part of the 2015-20 RIDE Strategic Plan in the area of Globally Competent Graduates. One Key Outcome of that Strategic Plan is that “Rhode Island graduates possess the social and emotional skills necessary to persevere through challenging circumstances, to work in partnership with others, and to develop a growth mindset”.” (Source)

Reported Animal Abuse Cases

March 2018/Providence, Rhode Island

WPRI.com reported that an 18-year-old was part of a duo facing cruelty-to-animals charges in connection with an incident that left one dog dead and two others severely injured. While trying to break up a fight between dogs, the teen stabbed two of them, and then the two individuals waited more than seven hours before bringing the most severely injured dog to a veterinarian. That dog later died from the injuries. In addition, the pair never sought veterinary care for the other two injured dogs.

January 2016/Richmond, Rhode Island

ABC6.com reported that a teen was charged with the felony killing of an animal after killing his stepdad’s small white terrier as retaliation against a family member and recording the act on his cell phone.