Kids Hurting Animals

PETA keeps an updated list of reported incidents in which young people commit acts of cruelty to animals. These incidents are only the ones that have been reported in the media. The actual number of such abuse cases is likely much higher since many go unreported. This resource is meant to illustrate the prevalence of the problem and to provide educators with tools to help their students learn what it means to have compassion for all sentient beings.

43% of the perpetrators commit acts of cruelty to animals before schoolyard massacres (Source)—it’s time for educators to take action by implementing humane education.

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State Laws

The first step toward protecting students and animals alike in your community is lobbying for their legal right to safety. Contact your local elected officials and demand that humane education be required in all schools. Here’s how.

Reported Animal Abuse Cases

April 2021/Jackson County, Wisconsin

WQOW.com reported that two teenagers were accused of torturing and decapitating an opossum and then posting the attack to Snapchat.

April 2016/Richland Center, Wisconsin

News8000.com reported that an online video appeared to show two teenagers torturing a deer. The video allegedly depicted one young man riding a deer who seemed to be bleeding and struggling to escape, as well as a deer fetus and a pile of entrails.

March 2014/Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Fox6Now.com reported that a 10-year-old boy would face charges in juvenile court after allegedly putting bleach on a puppy and throwing him into a dumpster. The boy reportedly said that he committed this abuse because the puppy had been “biting at his feet.”